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Properly Grown Sprouts are the Most Nutritious Food that Exists. Excellent nutrition = good health, beautiful feathers and supports good behavior.

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Achieve the results you desire for promoting health, improving behavior and healing feather destruction with a personalized food & nutrition plan.

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Best Bird Food Ever!

The finest collection of foods and select nutritional supplements promoting the health and well being of parrots. We specialize in using food and nutrition as medicine by providing the MOST wholesome, nutritious, organic bird food for a healthier, happier bird.

Since I first began caring for birds in 1997 my beliefs about the ideal foods to feed that provide quality avian nutrition have changed a lot. My birds have taught me what they need for good health and now Iʼm sharing their wisdom with you.

My work in using food as medicine for healing parrots is about getting positive results. When it comes to using food as medicine I think ‘outside the box’ - a blend of science, common sense and an awareness of what the body needs for healing. Why are we seeing the outcomes weʼre documenting? Many think itʼs because of my unique approach to supporting avian wellness. If you’d like to be able to have results similar to (or surpassing) what we’ve already seen - results that only the finest quality nutrition can offer - you’ve come to the right place.

Thank you for visiting, together we can make a difference.

In Health & Healing for Parrots Everywhere,

Leslie Morán


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