Why Our Sprouting Blends Get Such Exciting Results

Our Goal and Mission


Leslie Moran


Properly grown sprouts provide the highest level of nutrition possible.

Properly grown sprouts provide the highest level of nutrition possible.x



The goal of our sprouting blends and the mission of my nutritional work with parrots is to improve their level of good health and well being.  The only way of supporting the immune system and reversing the effects of under nutrition and malnutrition is through feeding the most nutritious foods possible.




Our USDA Certified Organic, Complete Protein Sprouting Blends have been created with the end results in mind – the good health and well being of your birds.  One of the reasons we are able to get the results we do is because we specialize.  My work in using food as medicine is about getting positive results by feeding highly nutritious foods, using select nutritional supplements and education.  I want you to share with you what I have learned about what makes up a great sprouting blend.



Why We Only Offer Our Signature Sprouting Blends


Our Signature Sprouting Blends


I’ve been asked why we only offer a few basic sprouting blends.   The proprietary sprouting blends on this website have been formulated especially for creating health and wellness in birds. Each ingredient has been selected for its unique nutritional qualities, germination and growth patterns and healing properties.  I began caring for birds in 1997, and my ideas about nutrition and proper sprouting blends have changed a lot since then.  Why should I offer you a sprouting blend with 12, or 24 or 36 ingredients when I know these formulations will not  produce the results I want to see, or that you want to get.  In the very beginning I used to feed that type of sprouting blend.  However, these formulations won’t grow for two to three days without becoming moldy, and they do not provide complete protein.  People assume that having more ingredients in a sprouting blend is better, but my nutritional work with birds taught me the value of less being more.  And because I’m focused on producing positive results, I’ve created a sprouting formula that produces the type of remarkable results that I know can be achieved when using highly nutritious foods as medicine.



Three Key Qualities

There are three key qualities that a sprouting blend for parrots and other birds must have.  These three qualities must be present in order for you to get the great results that we see daily, and that my personal clients get from feeding our signature sprouting blends.


The sprouting blends sold here have three key qualities that make them completely different from any other sprouting products sold:


1. They provide complete protein. Why is feeding a complete protein sprouting blend vital for the health of your birds? Find out more. Feeding Parrots: The Value of Complete Protein .


2. They have a compatible germination and growth rate so they can be grown for two to three days. This ensures that they contain the highest level of nutrition possible.  One of the most damaging pieces of fiction on the internet is that soaked seed is more nutritious than sprouted. Learn the facts about how feeding soaked seed is actually no better that feeding dry seed.  Soaked vs Sprouted Seeds .


3. The Best Bird Food Ever! Complete Protein Sprouting Blends are a USDA certified organic product.  Have you wondered about feeding organic: Why Feed Your Birds Organic?  There is a big different between a product that only uses organic ingredients and one that is a USDA certified organic product. Become informed about this.  USDA Certified Organic – What does this Mean? 


4. Learn More About Our Sprouting Blends. Topics at this link include: Why our sprouting blends get such exciting results, Why feed our sprouting blends (because we use food and nutrition in creating good health for your bird.), Which to use: Original or Wheat-Free?, Expected rate of use, Nutrients in our sprouting blends, Features and benefits your birds receive from feeding our sprouting blends.


First Available

In January, 2008,  I was a featured speaker at the NPRPF (National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation) annual Parrot Festival.  At this event my book, “The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots” was released and my sprouting blends were first made available for sale to the public.



Results We’re Seeing

Since then, these are the results we’re seeing when the Best Bird Food Sprouting Blends are fed as a foundational food in a parrot’s diet:


– Spontaneous reversal of avian cataracts (in old world and new world parrot species).

– Prevention of avian arthritis.

– Prevention of arteriosclerosis.

– Stopping the cycle of bacteria and fungus infections.

– Eliminated candida infection, for good.

– Restoring proper beak growth.

– Ended self mutilation in Quaker parrot.

– Healed feather cyst.

– Progressive healing of feather destruction cycles.


Please note, these results were attained by feeding the Best Bird Food Sprouting Blends as the foundational food in the diet, along with a personalized nutritional plan for the individual bird.  Because of the superior nutrition in our complete protein sprouting blends (when properly grown for two to three days) we know that when you feed them as a foundational food to your bird you can expect good things to happen.  Results will vary depending upon the amount of properly grown Best Bird Food Ever! sprouting blend fed, and the individual circumstances of each bird.



But My Bird Doesn’t Have Any of These Conditions 

When using food as medicine to promote health and wellness it is always easier to keep a parrot healthy, than to try and reverse any serious health condition that has developed. In light of this recognition, any food that produces curative results for the serious health problems listed above also has the ability to provide a foundation for healing other illness and disease states.



Our Packaging Facility

Our Certified USDA Organic Packaging and Handling Facility is bird-free.


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