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Through our compassion and love for animals, Critter Connection Inc., the parent company of Best Bird Food Ever seeks to create lasting partnerships with our human clients and their beloved animal companions.  We do this by providing holistic products, information and consultations that provide the foundation for healing animals using a holistic approach and helps maintain the nutritional health and overall well being mentally, emotionally and physically of the animals we love.



About Leslie

Animal Wellness Coach and Natural Care Educator, Leslie Morán, is the founder of Critter Connection and the creator of the Best bird Food Ever!  She has worked holistically with companion animals since 1980 and is a nationally and internationally known author, educator and healer.  Leslie began doing holistic and nutritional work with parrots and others birds in 1998.

Leslie is a Reiki Master Teacher.  Her educational background includes training, and experience in animal nutrition, anatomy, physiology, psychology and behavior, toxin-free environmental living, herbology, massage, visualization, healing prayer, energy balancing, color therapy, flower remedies, homeopathy, aromatherapy and shamanism.

Leslie has lived a natural and holistic lifestyle since the early 1970’s.  Because of this she understands the healing and health producing value of balanced holistic nutrition.  When parrots first joined her family she began searching for a wholesome diet comparable to the homemade raw food diets she already fed her dogs and cats.  During this time Leslie discovered sprouting for birds. However, something was missing. The sprouting blends being sold lacked balance and complete protein.  Drawing upon her knowledge of using diet and nutrition for creating good health and healing she began formulating and growing her own sprouting blends for birds.  This, combined with her natural care methods, began producing healing results comparable to what she knew was possible from wholesome, balanced nutrition and holistic healthcare.

Avian Holistic Nutrition is three decades behind what is readily available for dogs and cats.  Our goal with the Best Bird Food Ever! is to end avian malnutrition – one bird and one caretaker at a time. Our proprietary sprouting formulas are now available so that you too can receive the same results that Leslie’s clients know and that she sees in the birds under her care.

In 2002, Leslie began writing for Parrots magazine. This monthly periodical is published in England with international distribution in over 60 countries. Her regular monthly column, “The Holistic Parrot”, appears in every issue along with periodic feature articles focusing on natural and holistic bird care. She is one of a handful of people pioneering the vital area of alternative and holistic health care for birds.

Leslie’s articles have also been published in the internationally distributed Australian Birdkeeper magazine (ABK), and in multiple issues of the annual publication Birds USA also distributed across the US and around the world.

Over the years her writing has also appeared in numerous nationally distributed magazines including  Animal Wellness, Whole Horse Journal, Whole Cat Journal, Whole Dog Journal, Wolf Clan, and Tiger Tribe. Regional publications her articles have appeared in include The Gathering Place, Cosmic Ground, Light, Rose Garden, and PetFolio.

Why are Leslie’s signature sprouting blends the basic food in the personalized diet and nutritional plans she creates for birds?  These sprouting blends form the basic food because they provide a high level of nutrition not available in any combination of other foods or sprouting/soaking blends.  The results we see in the parrots and other birds who eat them indicate that these blends are a nutritionally superior food.

A vital part of feeding our sprouting bends to birds is learning to grow sprouts according to the climate where you live.  If you are new to sprouting, Leslie’s book easily teaches you what you need to know for your area.

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The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots

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