Consultations: FAQ’s

What Do I Need to Know About an Animal Session?

All consultations are provided by phone or by email. For those living or vacationing in the Reno, Nevada area, in-person consultations are available if it will best serve the needs of your situation.


Each Animal Session Has Three Parts

These three parts are the Intake, the actual Work with your situation and the Conclusion.

The Intake

When you prepare the Intake information please explain everything you are concerned about that you want addressed during the session.  This information is reviewed and if Leslie has any questions you will either have a short conversation with her, or she will ask for more information via email.

Typically, we ask that the Intake information be sent via email, fax or US mail. However, if you prefer the Intake can be done over the telephone.  For payment we accept Visa and Master Card.  Please provide your credit card details along with the Intake information.

During the Intake we will schedule the Work and Conclusion segments of your consultation with Leslie.


The Work

This is the segment of you appointment where the actual work is done with your situation.  All of the information you provided during the Intake is reviewed and your specific diet and nutritional plan is created.  Other holistic modalities, nutritional supplements or nutritional or medicinal herbs may also be included in this personal plan for supporting health and wellness for your parrot as needed.


The Conclusion

During the Conclusion everything is explained to you.  For clients within the US this is typically done over the telephone.  You will receive a detailed account of the personal diet, nutrition and healing plan for your bird.  This will be a lot of new information for you to absorb.  Because of this you may have a CD made of the Conclusion.  The fee is $10 per CD. A CD holds 60 minutes of recorded information. Depending upon the length of your Conclusion more than one CD may be needed to record everything discussed.


Should My Appointment be Long Distance or In Person?

Leslie has worked with clients and their parrots from all across the country, and her list of international clientele is steadily growing.

If you live in the Reno, Nevada area it is beneficial to have Leslie come to your home to do the intake portion of the session.  There is a minimal travel fee for an in person appointment.


Why Do I Need to Send a Photograph?

Having photographs of your parrot is the most reliable way to document the bird’s healing process.  Sending photos of their enclosure, living environment and their food dishes is the next best thing to having Leslie here in your home.


How Do I Prepare For a Session?


One photo should be a full body shot with another of the parrot looking at the camera. If you have more than one critter kid in your home, please include photographs of everyone. The photos should be taken within the past year, and it is okay if there are other people or animals in the photograph.

Also include photos of your bird’s enclosure, their living environment and pictures of their food dishes containing the food they are being fed.

Photos may be emailed or sent through the US Postal Service.

If you do not want to send the actual photograph, you may take a color xerox or photocopy of your photographs and mail those to us. Your photos will be returned if you ask us to do so. However, many clients prefer that we keep photos on file for future appointments.


The Intake

The intake may be done either in writing, via email, or over the telephone. Sending Leslie an email (or a letter) that discusses the information saves time (and money). For the intake information please include as much information as possible. Then your session can focus on healing and attaining the results you desire.

Be sure to include as much background information as possible. Identify the main areas or issues you are most concerned about, and include the desired result you want to work towards.


The Sessions are explained on the main Consultations Page.


How Do I Schedule a Session?

To schedule your session you may call or email us. After we receive the appropriate intake information from you and your payment information (or prepayment) you will be contacted either by phone or email to schedule your appointment. If we will be contacting you by telephone please let us know the best days of the week and the best time to reach you. If you are outside of the Reno, Nevada area we will give you a quick call and ask you to call us right back.

During this brief phone call we will schedule the work and conclusion portions of your appointment. If we need to ask any questions to help clarify the written intake information you have already sent us we will do so. This part of the phone call will be a part of your intake appointment time.

Depending upon scheduling, the work and the conclusion portions of the appointment are not always set up for the same day.

It is our intention to provide our clients with superior service and care. We appreciate and respect our clients and are grateful for the opportunity to help you resolve your situations for the highest good of all concerned. As you graciously accept this from us, in return we ask that you be on time for your appointments and keep all payment agreements made with us. Mutual respect and trust are powerful cornerstones for every healing process and relationship.


How Do I Change or Cancel My Appointment?

Please understand that your appointment time has been set aside specifically for you and your critter kids. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment time if you need to change or cancel your appointment. If you are canceling your appointment and time and resources have already been used to begin working on your case, you will need to be charged for this.


Missed Appointment Fee

If you miss your appointment without notifying us you will need to be charged accordingly.  Our missed appointment fee is $25.00.  If  you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the missed appointment fee.  We understand that emergencies can occur and we endeavor to be accommodating when rescheduling your appointment.


When Do I Schedule a Follow-up Session?

Each animal heals at his own rate. This makes each animal’s path to wellness uniquely his own.  For all consultations it is  a good idea to schedule follow-up appointments 6 to 8 weeks after your last appointment.  This ensure that we keep the healing process moving forward in a positive direction.

However, if something comes up and you need help before your next scheduled appointment, please contact us for a Follow-up, Client Support or Brief Check-in appointment.

We look forward to helping you with your critter kids.


Schedule your personalized consultation today, email Leslie at .