So often in life we discover that the simplest, most uncomplicated things are the most effective and useful. Those that cost little, and require little as far as time and resources are concerned, can often turn out to be a revelation in terms of their benefits—and so it is with sprouts.

In The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots, Leslie Morán, with her dedication to happiness and well-being in both body and soul, brings to life the benefits and pleasures of including living sprouts in our diets—and those of our pets, as well.

Until fairly recently, these wonder vegetables haven’t been given the recognition they deserve in modern, westernized diets, but the more one learns about them and how positively they can affect our health and general well-being, the more one wonders why we’ve neglected them for so long. A diet rich in fruit, nuts, seeds and raw vegetables is known to promote good health. Add to that sprouted, living vegetables, and we increase our chances of keeping tissues and cells clear of what could be called acidic debris, and of keeping our immune and digestive systems strong.

The most thought-provoking analogy I have come across is the comparison between a piece of cut fruit—which soon starts oxidizing and turning brown as it starts dying—and a jar of alfalfa sprouts which are still living and growing—full of life and goodness.

At a time when we’re realizing how much damage is being done to our minds and bodies by careless eating and drinking, Leslie Morán’s book comes along not a moment too soon. Leslie has researched her topic with the dedication and sincerity which she devotes to every subject on which she writes, and she presents her findings clearly and succinctly, in an easily acceptable style.

Gilly Lloyd
Editor, Parrots magazine

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