Is Your Parrot Malnourished?

. . . There are three ways to determine if your parrot or finch is malnourished. If your birds have any of these symptoms they are not eating the best parrot diet possible. . . . . . ONE: Physical Symptoms TWO: Behaviors THREE: Examine their Diet . . . 1. Most Common Physical Symptoms…

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Feather DestructionMalnutrition Feather damage caused by malnutrition.

Avian Malnutrition and Feather Condition

This article appears in its entirety in the August 2019, issue #259 of Parrots magazine.       Did you know that your bird’s feather condition, ragged edges and improper coloring can be a sign of avian malnutrition, undernutrition or imbalanced nutrition? And what about beaks? Do you know anyone who regularly has their bird’s…

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Malnutrition OSB Sprouts

Let’s End Avian Malnutrition!

End Avian Malnutrition With Our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian  Food Plan’   The only way to End Avian Malnutrition for your birds is to feed them a specific combination and balance of foods everyday that provides these three things: 1. All of the hundreds of nutrients a parrot or finch must eat everyday must be in…

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Malnutrition Sir Charles sprouts

How Does Avian Malnutrition Harm Your Birds?

The Experts Explain From the textbook, Avian Medicine: Principles and Application, Patricia MacWhirter, DVM, explains, “Avian malnutrition [or undernutrition] can cause a specific problem or [completely] suppress a bird’s immune system.” Unless a parrot, or finch, receives the type and quantity of nutrients needed on a daily basis, malnutrition or undernutrition will result. Also from,…

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