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Polly Want a Sprout? Sprouting for Parrots


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This book has been completely revised and rewritten. Nine new information-rich chapters have been added. Contains essential information on balanced avian nutrition. If you care about the health of your parrots and finches, this book is a MUST READ!

Learn the answers to these vital questions:

  • — Did you know that complete protein is essential for your bird’s good health?
  • — Do you know what foods to feed to provide your birds complete protein?
  • — Did you know soak and feed pseudo-sprouting blends are no better than dry seed?
  • — Do you know why bird seed is so bad for your birds?
  • — Sprouts and foodborne illness, do you know the facts about this?
  • — Do you sprout using GSE (grapefruit seed extract)? Learn why you should.
  • — Do you know how to teach you flock to eat healthier foods? This chapter will tell you all the secrets.

Learn the answers to all these questions, and much, much more.

Wheat-Free Sprouting BLendWheat Free Sprouting Blend 1#



Our Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend has been specially formulated to provide your parrots Complete Protein–an essential nutrient missing from all other parrot food products. Backed by science, parrot tested Mother approved.

Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend Kit 1# or 5#Wheat-Free Sprouting BLend


Only Our Kit contains:
-The only Sprouting Book  written exclusively for parrots, it is currently being completely revised – you will be mailed a copy when it has been published.
– 2 oz. bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE).
– A bag of our 100%  Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend.
The only sprouting blend formulated to provide your parrots complete protein — an essential nutrient.